Philosophy Cúbica


For more than 20 years we lived and we are living what we call “magic moments”. They order a project to us, in which there is a more or less detailed definition of the product that has to be realised, they carry out technical plans, 3D simulations and several examples are shown to the client from how it can be his inflatable. We develop a technical quartering, we choose the most suitable materials, we make some calculations and this quartering is send to production, where from a pile of properly cut and ordered patterns it ends up with a homogenous synthetic fabric set of pieces. One or more than one inflated turbines are added and the “magic moment” arrives, the turbines fill the interior of the synthetic fabrics until they obtain sense, this are exciting seconds and different in each occasion, even in products that have been previously constructed, even in the products that the previous development has implied the execution of many 3D drawings. It is one of the births in which I attend anxiously in each occasion.


I think that is the constant persecution of this “magical moment” that drives us, every day, to look for new details in our products, to look for new clients with whom to live new “magical moments” and to look for the unknown horizons of the inflatable.


We know that this practice is expensive, needs effort and constancy, it has quite a lot of risks and many times it is not compensated, but we have one thing clear: it is the unique form we know to achieve new and exciting “magical moments”.

Do you want an artistic inflatable or do you want an architectural inflatable?


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